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The state of Qatar views the family to be one of the pillars of society and strives to protect and nurture the family unit as a priority. As a result, one of the core businesses as the Ministry of Social Development and Family is to launch projects that aim to support and foster a strong family base through creating martial programs that aim to achieve progressive family cohesion.

First Year Marriage Program

Marriage experts agree that the first year of marriage as the "most difficult stage". Additionally, local statistics (shown in the Planning and Statistics Authority in its newly issued annual reports entitled “Marriage and Divorce in the State of Qatar 2021-2020”) indicate that majority of divorce take place in the first year of marriage.

Our Concept

The Ministry of Social Development and Family has launched a program titled First Year of Marriage, which is a multi-dimensional program that is primarily concerned with supporting individuals on the verge of marriage, as well as newlyweds to seamlessly achieve to cohesion as their lives harmonize together. This can only be achieved through providing them with the necessary tools which will act as building blocks to attain stability and harmony in their marriage and future family life.

Target groups
  • Individuals about to get married (male and female).
  • Newly married couples who want to develop their marital life.
  • Parents seeking to impart knowledge to their children.

A pioneering family program that endeavors to provide the necessary tools to individuals that are about to wed, and newly married couple to achieve a successful and long-lasting marriage.

The Message

Providing a healthy and strong start to your married life is the key to attain martial stability and success.

The Main Themes of The First Year of Marriage Program:

Media Campaign

An ongoing media campaign that aims to raise awareness about the importance of the first year of marriage, as well as the services provided at the Ministry of Social Development and Family, pertaining to the First Year of Marriage. By engaging in social media campaign provides a two-way dialogue between the experts and targeted segment.

Training Program

Intensive training programs which have curriculums designed with multiple components to help married couples/ those on the verge of marriage achieve a happy and cohesive married life.


A pioneering initiative to provide disclosed and private family consultations to our target audience, to support them and help them navigate the hurdles they may face in their married life.
Through Watad Service


Creating modern family tools that suit the target group and keep pace with the modern era to reach young people of both sexes to raise marital issues.

Educational Content

Our educational content aims to provide those individuals about to wed as well as newlyweds, with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values which in turn will enable them to establish stable, successful, and long-lasting family life. The education component of our program encompasses more than 10 related specialized empirical topics which include the following titles:

Individuals whom are about to wed.


Primary Marriage Challenges

Elements of readiness for marriage and family life.

Understanding of their life partner and harmonizing with each other.

Understanding the roles in marriage and in turn marriage life.

Clarifying and developing the personal perception of marriage and family life.

Knowing, and understanding the needs of their life partner and responding to them.

Comprehending the moral rights and duties of both partners in marital life

Choosing a life partner and compatibility.

Providing means of effective communication with their life partner.

How to navigate through dosagreements in marital life and addressing their causes.

Link decision making capabilities.

Elements of marital compatibility and its application in married life.

Managing emotions and tensions in marital life

Navigating through the engagement period and marriage contract.

Components of emotional and physical harmony

Resolving marital disputes and and managing the engagement period and marriage contract.

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